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Hello Kitty Cherry Blossoms In Bloom Scene Decorative Melody Card

Hello Kitty Cherry Blossoms In Bloom Scene Decorative Melody Card

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Very, very beautiful and quite magnificent! This masterfully crafted charming illustrated card design captures the beloved Hello Kitty displayed with lovely pink cherry blossom (Sakura) leaves against a beautiful golden background. Vibrant colorful decorative patterns and threads of sparkling gold enhancements can be seen on her beautiful traditional kimono that is draped in layers around her body. She holds a fan that lends an exoticism to this luxurious scene as she strolls through the historic grounds of a Shinto shrine complex. When push button on the top right is activated, the card is destined to reveal an elegant impression from within. Witness the magical soothing Koto sound effect of the melody, "Sakura, Sakura" as you hear a delightful instrumental Japanese music classic. This is definitely the perfect memorable gift for someone when they see's this exciting card! On back of the card is a message area decorated with beautiful cherry blossom leaves for you to easily inscribe something heartfelt and white envelope is included for you to place cute Hello Kitty card into and give to that special person.

Quantity: 1 item

Product Dimensions: 8.30 in. x 5.66 in. ; 0.8 oz

Shipping Weight: 3.0 oz

Envelope: White Melody: Koto sound "Sakura Sakura"

Material: Paper

©SANRIO Product of Japan

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